audio furniture design

My idea was to design a stereo cabinet that really was like no other modern audio furniture I have seen before. I was inspired by mid century furniture design and the simplicity of plywood that Frank Lloyd Wright’s used inside the Gordon’s house in Oregon.

I was visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Gordon’s house and I was taken back by his use of plywood for many of the interior treatments in the structure. He used plywood for the window treatments, cabinets, and walls. The stereo was designed into the wall with doors you can close which then the equipment will disappear completely. I really liked this concept see pic below.


While this seemed like a good place to start, I would have to keep in line with todays modern habits. Cords for different devices and phones that ones family collects and has to managed on a daily basis, let alone having to charge a load of devices via usb. My solutions was a design space under neath that could house LPs and a space on top for a turntable and amplifier that you could hide. I created 3 circle cut outs in the back of the cabinet for power strips and cables that would be hidden behind the sliding doors.

The doors slide into place so you would not have to worry about space consideration with a door that swings out. The doors easily slide out and your can match the doors with other materials such as colored plexi glass and wood. This leans its self to tailoring the design to fit into your room.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s home in studio in Oak Park Ill had a kids play room. If you look at the image below he was interested in storage solutions in which you could store toys when they were not in use. See the storage cabinets on the lower right and left in the photo below.



My solution was to create a strong cabinet that was not too costly but highly durable and functional for day to day use. The doors are waxed birch and the shelfs are coated with a high durability polyurethane. The measurements fit well with IKEA storage boxes and deep enough to hold modern stereo equipment. The shelfs are held tougher by outside walls and all the wood is locked together with a biscuit jointer and water proof glue.


This design was for a bench that had 4 bays into which you can add your ikea basket to hold your valuable. The design also lends its left to holding Record LPs in the inside while still being able to slide the doors closed. The strong joints means it works as a bench as well.