My father had a  Marantz 2220. It was a wonderful amp for 1972-1974. He had it for years. I played everything on it from the smiths how soon is now, to the kinks, Residents, Eno, Harold Budd, Lanois, and of course pink floyd. In the years followed I kept the Marantz sound in my head and what that living room sounded like.

What inspired me to create this project was a lunch I had with Stephan Prina long ago. He was telling me about a certain color of a piece of furniture he saw in shop window. The desk he was describing was ripped out of house that was about to be destroyed. He compared it to a Manet painting and a color he found in a Manet painting

Now this project he was speaking about in 1999 is at LACMA.Well, from that inspiration I created another project. Not the same, but the same in the context from a lost memory and recreating that moment in time I had, or we all had once…My father had his stereo on a low shelf, built into the house on the right side of the fireplace. He had all his records below the stereo. This research is diving into that memory and recreating that furniture I grew up with.


sal reda