Low cabinet

design goals

Low cabinet + bench + storage

The goal for this design was to build a cabinet that was durable and flexible for day to day living.  I wanted to use durable materials that can withstand usage. I measured ikea boxes first and built the storage units around Ikea’s measurements for a perfect fit. The cabinet is also perfect for holding ones record collection with four sections. The cabinet can easily hold the weight of records without and compromises.


The height is 20 inches from floor to top, which make a perfect bench for sitting on. It can easily hold three adults at the same time. The legs are chrome and are mostly hidden underneath. They are bolted into the structure of the cabinet. The wood joints are glued biscuit joints and no screws were used to assemble the entire cabinet. Doors are easily replaceable and can be interchanged for color options and different materials such as plexiglass if desired. The wood finish is a hard polyurethane to help minimize scratches and everyday use.

The following images to the  are designs and built solutions that I created to meet this purpose.





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