Audio Review…

I like to read audio reviews. It is sometimes a waste of time, but well written review will give me the info I want. I am really getting bored with the usual format.

Sound Impression: (I just go to this section first)

I really only want a few pieces of information when I find a review worth reading over.  The problem I often run into is allot of reviews feels like I am listening to someone else psychological problems in a therapy session. I have to ask this question… Is this a Audio Review or a therapy session, or both?  What I am really trying to understand is someones impression on a product. In the first few paragraphs I have to determine if where reading a audio review or a review on a bottle of wine or whisky. The descriptors are the same! Just replace the products name and replace it with a name of your favorite whisky.

meaty and engaging
lightest footprint

Why do audiophiles list out the products they own or once owned? I can see listing out the products you used on the review but why everything your own? When I see this list and then there are products on there that are sub-par I cannot take the reviewer seriously. Maybe Ill take off that 1989 radio-shack stereo with speakers off my list but all of those memories I had with that stereo!

If someone starts writing about a past medical condition talking about why it will effect the review I will skip ahead.  If someone starts talking about a relatioship 20 years ago and how that audio product inspired more memories I will skip ahead or skim read the article. If the reviewer spent just 4+ hours with a product and then writes a review I will skip ahead. I have had great audio products with miserable packaging (Grado, JDS labs, Rega). I think I would rather not read the spoiler alert – packaging and be surprised when I purchase and open the box myself.

Let the reader get straight to the point. What the read really wants is a 45 second impression of the sound, product and functionality, how would this product improve your world, or would it?




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