Josh Deakin Sleep Cycle – Album Review

Josh Deakin “Sleep Cycle”– Album Review

Josh Deakin new album Sleep Cycle is a trip down to the inner voices and sounds that come from some distant land. It’s not anywhere in the US to be honest or on this planet to be exact.

This is not just a good musical album it’s great art. This work comes from spontaneous creativity or is it a long and drawn out process?  We don’t know at this point. From recent interviews it was said that it took Josh 5 years to release this album. It should be said that Sleep Cycle shows that he put 20+ years of experience into one cohesive album that just makes complete beautiful noises that blends into each other.

On the track Good House, Deakin’s voice is harsh and beautiful at the same time. It’s in a transformation space that will make you think your being lifted to anther place, put it honestly it seems like your being shown a new religion, his voice just floats to heaven as if it’s a letter of ones mortality that is being read aloud.

This album will rank in one of the best new albums I have heard in 2016. Its as good as Panda Bears Person Pitch. You can find it on the URL below. Its worth a listen too. Dont forget to use your best headphone/amp with this one.


Band camp page


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