Sunship / Sunship
Warren Michael Defever – Synthesizers etc.
Mastered by Erik Maluchnik.


I was looking at what Warren Deferrer was up too and noticed he released a new title called SUNSHIP. How did I miss that one?

I meet Warren in the spring of 2015 during his His Name Is Alive tour here in Portalnd OR. The 2015 album he put out was called Tecuciztecatl. A hard rock, guitar hollowing album that sounded like a futuristic 2020 YES / Led Zeppelin reunion being played in a theatre on another planet. One thing that really stood out in the 2015 spring tour was how tight the band was. The drumming hit so hard I thought the ghost of John Bonham was sitting at the bar (I kept looking over my shoulder). Of course Andy FM was as elegant as ever with her mediative signing and her spot on vocals + keyboards.

I was able to have a decent conversation with Warren about the Detroit Art scene and get some good feedback of what that art scene is really doing in the midwest (I was born and raised in Illinois). We even were swapping some Mike Kelly Stories! (You might have to google Mike Kelly to understand what I am talking about)

I downloaded Warrens new album from Sound Cloud as a CD quality AIFF file. Something that iTunes doesn’t even do. You can purchase it here.  http://www.northernashram.com

Upon the first listen I noticed it has the delicate balance that Warren is a master of. He can take such simple notes, single them out in a song or intro and make them beautiful over and over.  He plays the piano notes in perfect rhythm as a tribute to Eric Satie for the first few minutes. The music then morphs into a drone that becomes addicting as well as trance like. Each notes slowly moves into something else over time. I have to say, it doesn’t sound like a sound track for a movie, nor is it new age. None of these qualities are present and I have not even gotten tired of listing, as I put the two tracks on repeat for the last few hours.  I would best describe the work as a science lab experiment that was created in his futuristic studio. The drone is addicting and malleable. The whole album just slows life down and its a good source for reflection.

The closest album I can think of in Warrens archive is the July 2013 Dragons Look Out Your Window title.

The new work is a gem and its well worth the small price we pay for this wonderful composition of work. Its timeless and will be played over and over.


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